Process development

WRETEC works on current and close-to-reality research topics about maritime coatings and focuses on materials and processes. We look back onto 30 years of experience with coatings of yachts and combine this with innovative ideas and up-to-date technology. Our aim is to improve and optimize coatings from substrate to surface. We are also working with questions related to corrosion protection and failure analysis.

WRETEC develops new coating concepts for the maritime sector, with a focus on mega- and superyachts. We aim for coatings which are long lasting and economically viable. Besides new coating processes, such as post curing, we also work on new sandwich systems or measurement techniques such as ultrasound.




-      Coordination/support of research projects

-      Scientific analysis of complex coating problems

-      Materials research to optimize coatings

-      Process development for efficient application of coatings