Video Production in Hamburg

20. Mai 2018

The new star at WreTec, the subsidiary of WREDE Consulting, is a high-resolution 3D microscope. With its spectacular 6000-times magnification, it is now possible for the WreTec experts to find even the smallest causes for defects in coatings. 
For WREDE Consulting CEO Kay Wrede, the acquisition was a logical consequence of more than 30 years of work: "The microscope is a dream for us experts. Until now, discussions have often ended with a lack of evidence - that is now a thing of the past. " 
To put it in the right light, WreTec is currently producing a video about the new acquisition. Cameraman Damir Kis, who usually shoots for Sky, for example, was hired to do this. The stage design was just as spectacular as the microscope: The film was shot on a 25-ton mockup that is used for training purposes